Records Disposal Advice for staff who are leaving or relocating

As a result of restructure, relocation or resignation, staff will need to undertake records disposal.

What is records disposal?

Records disposal is the process of determining which records need to be retained as archives and which can be destroyed. For University staff, this involves implementing records retention, destruction or transfer decisions documented in the University of Melbourne Records Retention and Disposal Authority (also known as a records disposal schedule).

The following resources provide a starting point and practical guidance:

  1. Records Handover Information Sheet
  2. Leaving or Relocating Checklist
  3. For staff leaving or relocating (flow chart)
  4. Relocating records for the work unit (flow chart)
  5. Disestablishment of work unit (flow chart)
  6. Records Disposal Toolkit

Further information

If you have read the above resources and require further information or advice on records disposal, please contact one of the following staff from Records and Compliance:

Carmela Gallo x40479
Fiona McRostie x47204

Please note that advice on records disposal is limited to University of Melbourne records only. Records created by non-University organisations (except where the University has dealings with them) are not covered.

Useful links:

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Records Destruction List Template