Records Online project

The Records Online project was led by a dedicated project team with involvement from Records Services (previous name of Records & Information). The major project supported the University’s strategic plan, Growing Esteem 2015-2020.

Records Online project briefing video (2 min)

Project aim

The Records Online project was tasked to improve user experience and increase capability to electronically capture, store and retrieve records with ease.​


The project ran from 2017 to 2019.


With the review in 2017 of the Improved Recordkeeping project, a change of direction was initiated. It was recognised that SharePoint would provide a good user experience and meet records compliance obligations once integrated with Content Manager.


The project developed a solution known as Records Managed SharePoint (RMSP), which uses SharePoint as the front-end system for users and Content Manager as the back-end.

As part of this solution, the Records Online project team worked with various stakeholders across the University to roll out numerous RMSP sites. They also developed the RMSP Learning Hub, available to University staff, which features a number of helpful resources including a suite of informational videos.

Once the project concluded in 2019, Records & Information took over the function of creating and administering RMSP sites.