Appraisal The process of evaluating business activities to determine which records need to be captured and how long the records need to be kept to meet business needs, the requirements of organisational accountability and community expectations.(PROV Master Glossary)
Business Information System An approved business system used for storing University records relating to a particular function, for example: human resources, research and finance records; student records; and learning materials. Enterprise business information systems are used across the University.
Classification Systematic identification and arrangement of business activities and/or records into categories according to logically structured conventions, methods, and procedural rules represented in a classificaiton system.(AS ISO 15489.1 3.5)

The process of eliminating or deleting records, beyond any possible reconstruction.(AS ISO 15489.1 3.8)

Disposal A range of processes associated with implementing appraisal decisions which are documented in disposal authorities. These include the retention, destruction or deletion of records in or from recordkeeping systems. They may also include the migration or transmission of records between recordkeeping systems, the transfer of ownership or the transfer of custody of records.(PROV Master Glossary)
Disposal Class

A group of records that document the same activity or transactional process, and have the same disposal action under the RDA.

HP Records Manager (HPRM) A leading electronic document and records management system software solution (Tower Records and Information Management).
Meeting Information Manager (MIM) A delivery platform for University of Melbourne Committees for the distribution of meeting and committee papers.
Permanent University records University records designated by the RDA to be retained permanently.

Recorded information, in any format (e.g. electronic, paper, image).

Recordkeeping Making and maintaining complete, accurate and reliable evidence of business transactions in the form of recorded information.(PROV Master Glossary)
Recordkeeping system A system capable of capturing, maintaining and providing access to records over time. A recordkeeping system may be electronic or paper-based. HP Records Manager is the records management software used for recordkeeping at an enterprise level.
Records Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) The University document that sets out requirements for retention and disposal of all types of records, in line with legislative requirements and University business needs.
Temporary University records University records designated by the RDA to be retained for a finite period.
Time expired University record Temporary University records whose nominated date of destruction has passed.
University record Any record created or received by employees of the University in the course of conducting their University duties.