Records Management Network

About the RMN

The Records Management Network (RMN) is a community of practice for those who have an interest, or role in records and information management at the University of Melbourne.

The group meets to discuss University records and related topics including privacy, data management, disaster preparedness, expert advice on the use of Records Managed SharePoint & Content Manager, information management and current best practice methodologies.

When is the next RMN?

RMN forums are held at least once per year.

University staff on the RMN mailing list will be sent an invitation to register to attend the forum event.

To join the mailing list, please contact us:

Past RMN presentations

  • 2022

    17 May 2022: Presentation - Cybersecurity Awareness at the University

  • 2021

    17 November 2021: Presentations - Privacy and Data Protection at the University, Digital Preservation Update, Records & Information Update

    No RMN meetings were held in 2020.

  • 2019

    27 February 2019: Records Services Update, Cybersecurity at the University, 'From Share drives to SharePoint'

    7 May 2019: Presentations - Records Managed SharePoint feature: update, implementation time line, how to prepare, how it meets University accessibility requirements

    16 August 2019: Presentations - Digital Preservation at UoM

  • 2018

    16 February 2018: Presentations - Content Manager Update, Records Online Project Update and 'Moving? Old Hard-copy Records? The Services We Provide'.

    4 May 2018: Presentations - Records Services Update, UOM Commercial/Research, Innovation, Commercialisation (RIC) Improved Recordkeeping – The Journey

    8 August 2018: Presentations - Records Services Update, University Records of permanent value: What happens next?, Digital Preservation and the University of Melbourne

    8 November 2018: Presentations - Records Services Update, Changing Privacy Landscapes and the University, Records Online Project Update

  • 2017

    8 March 2017: Presentations - The risks of managing information on cloud-based services, a case study on hard-copy records disposal from the Faculty of VCA/MCM (Southbank), introduction of the new Records Contracts & Agreements Officer, and updates on the University RDA and Improved Recordkeeping Project.

    23 May 2017: Presentations - Information Awareness Month 2017, an update on the University Retention & Disposal Authority, new features of HPE Content Manager (TRIM), case study of the Improved Recordkeeping Project in MGSE and the launch of the Records Management Network website.

    10 August 2017: Presentations - Freedom of Information and University information, Improved Recordkeeping Project Update and HPE Content Manager: capturing emails just got easier.

    27 October 2017: Presentations - Privacy by Design @ UoM: Managing and Securing University Records, Records Online Project Update (previously Improved Recordkeeping) and Revised University Retention & Disposal Authority - Overview.

  • 2016

    25 November 2016: Presentations - The management of Contracts and Legal Agreements, Digitisation of University records, and updates on the University RDA and Improved Recordkeeping Project.

Further information

If you have any questions or suggestions for future RMN meetings please contact us: