Enterprise Classification Scheme

An Enterprise Classification Scheme (ECS) was developed by Records & Information in partnership with the wider university community.  It uses functional classification to describe the functions and activities the university performs and provides the context within which University records are created.

The purpose of the ECS is to provide a common terminology to enable the consistent classification of records and information across the University. Using a structured and common language for records titling aids in the searching, retrieval, sentencing and disposal of records.

How to access the ECS

The Enterprise Classification Scheme is available as an online database:

Using the ECS

The ECS can be utilised by work units and individuals to set up folder structures, both physical and electronic (for example shared drives and email folders) to better manage their records.  To download the ECS folder structure for shared drives or Outlook, go here.

The ECS also forms the basis for the Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) - once records have been classified according to the ECS, then establishing their retention period is as straightforward as looking up that classification in the RDA.

For assistance and/or advice in implementing the Enterprise Classification Scheme please contact Records & Information.

Changes to the ECS

If the Enterprise Classification Scheme does not have an appropriate function or activity descriptor for the records you wish to classify, please contact Records & Information.