Improved Recordkeeping project

The Improved Recordkeeping project was led by Records Services (previous name of Records & Information) in response to the Business Improvement Program (BIP), which identified that the University community needed to improve recordkeeping practices.

Project aim

The aim of this project was to improve recordkeeping using HP Records Manager (now known as Content Manager) across the University, while minimising the impact to staff.

Project objectives included:

  • Increase compliance and capability within the University​
  • Provide a framework, procedures and tools to support the Records Management Policy​
  • Implement a change and education program​


The project was conducted from 2015 to 2017, after which time it became the Records Online project.


The Business Improvement Program identified a need for improved recordkeeping practices across the University in order to meets its legal recordkeeping obligations.

At the time of the project, approximately 600 staff across the University used HP Records Manager (HPRM) to capture and manage documents and emails. Increasing capability using the system could greatly help improve overall records management compliance.


The project rolled-out training and resources to units and faculties including:

  • Audit Assurance Services
  • Finance and Employee Services – Health and Safety
  • Procurement
  • Chancellery – Research
  • External Relations – Offshore Recruitment
  • Records and Compliance
  • Legal Services
  • Research, Ethics and Integrity
  • External Relations – International Relations
  • Infrastructure Services – Space Management
  • Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE)

Reviews were initiated at various stages within the Improved Recordkeeping Project. As part of the project, Records Services undertook analysis to assess additional tools that could complement HPRM, further enhancing ability to share and manage the University's informational assets. Through this work, the Records Online project was born.