Content Manager

What is Content Manager?

Content Manager is the University's official recordkeeping system. It is supported as an enterprise application and is administered by Records & Information.

The system was first introduced at the University of Melbourne in 1994 and was previously known as HP Records Manager and TRIM.

What is Content Manager used for?

Content Manager is used for managing documents and records regardless of format (ie, it can be used for both hardcopy and digital documents and records).

It is available to all University departments as a front end application.

With the introduction of the Records Online project in 2017, Content Manager is now commonly being used as a back end repository integrated with Records Managed SharePoint as the front end application for users.

Content Manager is also integrated with other University systems (eg, Themis HR) to automate records management processes.

What are the benefits of using Content Manager?

Content Manager supports efficient business practice and recordkeeping compliance. It has many benefits including:

  • Spend less time locating and retrieving information from multiple sources such as shared drive folders
  • Rely on a single authoritative source for University records
  • Share information easily with colleagues where appropriate
  • Reduce duplication and save storage space in the office or on your systems
  • Save paper and printing costs by managing documents in digital form
  • Have a safe and secure environment for records – Content Manager has audit trails, is backed up and has disaster recovery plans
  • Easily find previous revisions of documents
  • Save Outlook emails and MS Office documents directly into Content Manager through in-built integration
  • Manage many file types in the one place, eg, html, xml, jpg, gif, tif, pdf, mpg, mp3.

FAQs about accessing and using Content Manager

  • Who can use Content Manager?

    Content Manager is available to all University departments as a front end application who want to manage their records, regardless of format (paper, electronic or both), in an electronic system.

    Content Manager can also be integrated with business applications to facilitate automated processes such as the Themis HR to Content Manager integration.

  • Is there training available?

    Yes. See our Training page for more information.

    We can also conduct specialised forms of Content Manager training depending on your requirements. Contact us for more information: records

    See our Content Manager Knowledge Base Library of articles for instructional information about using Content Manager.

    Important: Staff are granted access to the system at the time of request, but will have access revoked if Content Manager training is not completed.

  • How do get access to Content Manager?

    In order to gain access to Content Manager, staff must complete and submit an online access form via ServiceNow.

  • How do I install Content Manager?

    Follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base Article (accessible to University staff).

  • How to get help with Content Manager issues or questions?

    Log a request in ServiceNow email

  • If I no longer require access to Content Manager, what do I do?

    Send an Email to

  • If there has been a restructure, what do we need to do?

    If your business unit has been restructured or will be having a restructure please provide Records & Information with the new organization chart via email

  • If my contract has been extended, what do I need to do?

    To extend your existing  Content Manager Access email and provide the new end date of contract.

Content Manager resources

Resource name Description Download / link
Content Manager Approved Acronyms and Abbreviations for Titling Records ListUse this list when titling records in Content ManagerXLSX 20KB
Content Manager Confidentiality Statement,  Access and Security FormComplete this online form to request access to Content ManagerServiceNow
Content Manager File Creation Complete this template when requesting the creation of multiple Content Manager files XLS 42KB
Content Manager Staff Movement Form (RS-05)Complete this form when staff change location or position, or no longer require access to Content ManagerDOCX 47KB

Further information

If you would like more information about using Content Manager at the University, please have a browse through the Content Manager Knowledge Base Library (accessible to University staff).

If you require further assistance, contact us: