Retention and Disposal Authority Roll-Up project

Records Services (former name of Records & Information) led this project to create a user friendly, rolled up Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) for the University.

Project aim

The project sought to reduce the number of retention classes within the University Record RDA, whilst ensuring compliance with our privacy and information management obligations.


The project ran from 2017 to 2019.


RDAs are legal instruments, generally in document form, authorising the disposal of records. They:

  • Set the minimum retention time that different classes of records must be kept and how they are to be disposed of
  • Authorise the destruction of records which are no longer required (time-expired records)
  • Identify records that are to be permanently retained as state archives

Whilst work had already been undertaken to consolidate multiple applicable RDAS into a single University RDA resource, some of the same classes repeated under the different function headings.

It was preferable to reduce the complexity of numerous retention rules, especially when managing records stored within business systems.


Records Services successfully:

  • Reduced the amount of classes in the RDA from 1345 to 356
  • Reviewed the Enterprise Classification Scheme (ECS) and amended it to improve ease of use
  • Moved the published RDA from a third-party vendor platform, to the University’s content management system

View the new published University Records RDA

View the guide to the new ECS and RDA