Digitisation plans

What is a digitisation plan?

The University has responsibilities under the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic) to appropriately and lawfully create, manage and dispose of University records.

A Digitisation Plan identifies hardcopy source records to be digitised (eg, scanned) where the intention is to:

  • Destroy the source record, and
  • Use the digitised record for ongoing business.

Important: It is unlawful to destroy digitised source records without a completed and authorised Digitisation Plan.

When should a plan be used?

A plan should be used for the following types of digitisation activities:

  • Ongoing digitisation as records are received by a work unit – eg, scanning incoming mail, invoices, applications etc
  • Projects for the digitisation of existing records – eg, converting a collection of paper records to help preserve them or make them more accessible to University staff to support business.

Note: A new plan should be created when the digitisation process, technology or tools, or way the records are going to be managed significantly change.

What are the benefits of preparing a plan?

Preparing a Digitisation Plan will help ensure the digitisation of University records is properly planned and managed in accordance with PROS 19/05 S1 Digitisation Specification requirements issued by Public Record Office Victoria.

Having a plan:

  • Enables you to lawfully digitise and destroy hardcopy University records
  • Ensures you receive support from a member of the Records & Information team
  • Supports best practice techniques and processes
  • Connects you with relevant University services

How to create and implement a plan?

Refer to the following University resources to help develop and implement your Digitisation Plan with support from Records & Information:

Existing digitisation plans

A Digitisation Plan may have already been created for your specific work area and type of University record. Please consult with Records & Information before applying a Digitisation Plan to your area.

Department/Unit Type of University record
Carlton Health Service Inactive Patient records
Campus Services, Fleet Services Smartfleet Applications
Health & Safety Health Hazard Assessment Questionnaires
Legal Services Checklists and Execution Request forms
Grants & Contracts, NHMRC Grant Application records and Multi Institutional Agreements
Space Management Valuation records
Student Equity & Disability Support Client files
Student Service Delivery Student Files held in Student Centres
Ten to Men Project Participant Documents
Themis Service Desk Themis Responsibility Application forms
University Copyright Office Audio Visual Photograph Consent forms
Records & Compliance, Records University Legal Agreements & Contracts, Destruction Lists and Digitisation Plans
Records & Compliance, Education & Regulatory Compliance Freedom of Information material

Further information

If you have any questions or wish to establish a plan for your area, please contact us: records-info@unimelb.edu.au.