Forms and templates

Form, template and information resources to help staff undertake records management tasks and requests.

Note: We have a ServiceNow request form that can be used for matters relating to: Access/Discovery of Records, Content Manager, Records Management Policy and Standards, Records Managed SharePoint, Registration of Contracts, Retention and Disposal, Training and Engagement and Web Archiving.


Topic Form name Description Download / link
AccessRequest for Archived Student File Form To be used when requesting access to, or re-activating an archived, hardcopy student file DOCX 213KB
AccessRequest for Employee File FormTo be used by HR staff when requesting access to a hardcopy Employee File from Records & InformationMSG 128KB
AccessRequest for Record in Records & Information Custody Form To be used when requesting access to records that are in the custody of Records & InformationDOCX 217KB
DisposalConfidential Disposal Request - Facilities FormTo be used to request confidential disposal bins from Facilities Services to securely and safely dispose of documents and mediaServiceNow
System Content Manager Confidentiality Statement, Access and Security Form To be used when requesting access to the University's recordkeeping system Content ManagerServiceNow
System Content Manager Notification of Staff Movement Form To be used when staff change location or position, or no longer require access to Content Manager DOCX 216KB
Web ArchivingWeb Archiving Notification FormTo be used to notify Records & Information of a site/page to include in the web archiveWebsite


Template name Description Download
Box List To be used to list temporary hardcopy records that will be stored locally in work unitsDOCX 214KB
Content Manager File Creation To be used when requesting the creation of multiple Content Manager files XLS 42KB
Digitisation Plan To be used when preparing an authorised plan to digitise hardcopy source records and treat the digitised copy as the official recordDOCX 223KB
Digitisation Quality Assurance ChecklistTo be used to ensure that the digital scanned image is sufficient to meet legal evidentiary obligationsDOCX 213KB
Records Destruction List To be used when compiling lists of records for authorised destructionDOCX 198KB
Records Handover for Staff Leaving or RelocatingTo be used to record and handover critical documents and records, before staff depart from the work unit or UniversityDOCX 220KB
Records Management Checklist for Staff Leaving or RelocatingTo be used to determine how to prepare records, before staff depart from the work unit or University.DOCX 214KB
Records Transfer ListingTo be used when transferring temporary records to secondary storage or permanent records to the custody of Records & InformationXLS 49KB


Information / guide name Description Download
Content Manager Approved Acronyms and Abbreviations for Titling Records ListTo be used when titling records in Content ManagerXLSX 20KB
Records Management Workflow for Closing Work UnitsTo be used to determine how to meet your records management responsibilities when your work unit closesDOCX 259KB
Relocating Hardcopy Work Unit Records WorkflowTo be used to determine how to relocate hardcopy records when your work unit moves to a new locationPDF 588KB