Continuous Improvement Program

Notice: The Records Management Continuous Improvement Program is currently under review in light of recent updates to the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) recordkeeping standards and the release of their Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT). If you would like to undertake a review your recordkeeping compliance, please contact us:

What is the Continuous Improvement Program?

The Records Management Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) is a University toolkit for assessing compliance against the PROV recordkeeping standards.

The toolkit features a:

  • Checklist worksheet covering material in the PROV standards, with a total of 30 statements
  • Maturity Model Grid scoring system to help you work out our overall maturity level across the PROV standards (maturity levels range from ad hoc to optimised)

The CIP is designed to be undertaken by non records staff in University work units with support from Records & Information.

Why was the CIP developed?

When the CIP toolkit was developed, the PROV standards contained 324 individual recordkeeping requirements.

The CIP was developed by Records Services (previous name of Records & information) as a way of converting the PROV standard requirements into an accessible resource that could be used by University staff without a records management background.

It adopts a maturity model concept to help University business units to develop their records management competencies with structured support from Records & Information.

Further information

View the resources below for further information about the CIP.

CIP Program Overview

CIP Maturity Model Grid