Forms and Templates


Form Description Download
Content Manager Access Form Content Manager Confidentiality Statement, Access & Security Authorisation Form
RS-05 HP Content  Manager Staff Movement Form HP Content Manager Notification of Staff Movement Form DOCX 47KB
RS-06 Archived Student File Access Form To be used when requesting access to, or re-activating an archived student file PDF 36KB
Records & Information Access Request Form To be used when requesting access to records that are in the custody of Records & InformationPDF 38KB
Access to Employee File RequestTo be used by HR staff when requesting access to a hard copy Employee File from Records & InformationMSG 128KB


Template Description Download
File Creation Template To be used when requesting the creation of HP Content Manager files XLS 42KB
Records Transfer Template To be used when transferring records to the custody of Records & InformationXLS 29KB
Digitisation Plan Template To be used when preparing a Digitisation Plan (Revised 1/12/2016) DOC 706KB
Records Destruction List To be used when compiling lists of records for destruction DOC 149KB
Box List TemplateTo be used to list temporary records that will be stored locallyDOC 48KB