Records Managed SharePoint

What is Records Managed SharePoint

Records & Information  is implementing Records Managed SharePoint (RMSP) to assist in the management of  University records.  ​The Records Managed SharePoint software is integrated with the University's enterprise system, Content Manager (also known as TRIM).  SharePoint is part of the Microsoft 365 suite and fully integrates with all Microsoft applications.  Records Managed SharePoint is being  provided as an alternative to shared-drives.

Although other SharePoint sites exist across the University, they are not integrated with Content Manager and will not be retrofitted at this stage. ​ Records Managed SharePoint Sites allow staff to easily manage and collaborate on documents whilst ensuring the University is meeting its records compliance obligations.

Who can use Records Managed SharePoint?

This  is available to all University departments who want to manage their records, regardless of format (paper, electronic or both), in an electronic system.

Why should I use Records Managed SharePoint?

The Records Managed SharePoint is a web based platform that-

  • makes it easier to do your job - by centralising information, tools, systems and processes;
  • provides you with access anytime, anywhere - by introducing cloud-based platforms;
  • makes it easier to find information - by introducing reliable and fast search capabilities;
  • improves efficiency - by automating processes and developing electronic forms; and
  • increases confidence in records management – the integration between SharePoint and Content Manager (CM) automatically manages the records retention and disposal
  • allows collaboration within the University with your UoM colleagues

Is there training available?

Yes, for more information see here

How do I request a Records Managed SharePoint Site?

To enquiry about a RMSP site you can simply raise a ServiceNow Request

Where can I get more information about RMSP?

The Records Managed SharePoint Learning hub, is the front door to all records managed SharePoint sites, learning materials and support resources.

If you would like more information about using Records Managed SharePoint (RMSP) or assistance with records and/or recordkeeping needs please contact Records & Information at