Web Archiving Collection Management Plan

Our web archive collection management plan.

The focus of the Web Archiving Collection Management Plan is on publicly available web pages that either contain university records or document university activities.

Two strategies are involved in selecting websites for archiving. The first is a whole of domain approach which involves the capture of all websites on the University's domain and subdomains on a quarterly basis. The second is selective captures for websites identified as being required to be captured on a more frequent basis, or for websites that are decommissioned between the quarterly captures. The selective approach enables more focus on particular websites (or pages) that may require a greater frequency of capture or some other special requirement that cannot be accommodated with the whole of domain approach.

The whole of domain quarterly captures provide a record of the University's web presence as at 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October each calendar year.

The selective approach has been used to identify websites or web pages that may need to be captured from both a records management and risk management perspective. For example, some pages may need to be captured more frequently than the quarterly snapshots, such as the University's home page. This particular page is captured on a daily basis to help manage any reputational risk that the page may pose to the University. Over time, it also provides an historical record of the University's changing public face. The front page is changed almost daily in some instances and there is a strong case for its daily capture.

Other websites or web pages which are part of the selective approach are cases where a website or webpage is decommissioned before it can be captured in the quarterly captures. These captures occur on a case by case basis and there must be special circumstances supporting the requirement for their capture.

Web pages and websites are also captured because they contain University web records, as identified by the Enterprise Classification Scheme. The ECS provides a guide to identifying University web records and as a cross check to ensure that the URLs which represent core University functions/activities are in fact being captured. This process ensures a certain level of quality control.

Although Archive-It is extremely flexible, there are limitations in terms of the amount of pages that the University can capture under the terms of its service agreement. Although the current limits are very generous, there are limits, and the University needs to be selective in the way that it approaches additional website/page captures outside the quarterly snapshots. If you feel that you may have a page that requires a one off snapshot, or should be captured at a greater frequency, please fill in this form.

It is envisioned that over time, this Web Archiving Collection Management Plan will continue to develop and be refined. It is also anticipated that other types of criteria will eventually be included as well, to accommodate cultural collection and University archive requirements.  If you would like to discuss any issues surrounding the current Web Archiving Collection Management Plan, please contact Records & Information records-info@unimelb.edu.au.