Continuous Improvement Program

The Continuous Improvement Program was developed as a way of converting the compliance standards for recordkeeping issued by the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) into tools that can be used across a devolved university records management system by staff without a records management background.

The Maturity Model concept was taken as the basis of a staged development of key records skills and the PROV standards were taken as target areas for records development. The CIP is designed to be undertaken by Local Records Coordinators or other non records staff in work units and allows you to manage the program individually with support from Records Services.

The levels at which Records Services should provide structured support are clearly indicated and gives the option of support from Records Services for non critical issues as required by the work unit.

The principles in the PROV recordkeeping standards were used to develop key competencies relevant to the University environment.

The key competencies are then used to develop a process of maturity beginning from ad hoc to optimised.

The 324 individual PROV requirements have been reduced to 30 questions.

The key competencies each have a worksheet per Standard and contain questions to meet the PROV requirements.

A scoring system then allows you to work out what your overall maturity level is across all PROV standards and specifications.