Shared Drive + Email Folders

Enterprise Classification Scheme for shared directories

To unzip, extract and install the ECS folders for the shared directory:

  1. Download the ECS folders for shared directories here.
  2. Save the file somewhere – i.e. to your desktop or on the shared drive.
  3. Right click on the file and select Extract All. The Extraction Wizard will open. Click Next to pass through the Welcome screen.
  4. Browse to the directory where you want the folders to be extracted to – this will be the uppermost level of your shared directory – and click Next.
  5. When the extraction is complete, click Finish to exit the Extraction Wizard.

Enterprise Classification Scheme for Outlook inbox

To install the ECS folders in Outlook:

  1. Download the ECS folders for Outlook here.
  2. Save the ECS.pst file somewhere – i.e. to your desktop or on the shared drive.
  3. Open Outlook (if it isn't open already).
  4. From the File Menu choose Open then Outlook Data File (i.e. File > Open > Outlook Data File).
  5. Navigate to the location that you saved the ECS.pst file to, select the file and click OK.
  6. In Outlook, you will now find the ECS folders at the bottom of the list of folders in Outlook. Click on the plus sign to expand the folders.
  7. The top level Function folders (containing the second level Activity folders) can now be dragged and dropped into your Inbox.