HR Staff File Digitisation Project

The HR Staff Files Digitisation project was managed by Records Services and was funded by Responsible Division Management (RDM) to support the devolution of the HR function to University Business Centres.  The purpose of the project was for current staff hardcopy personnel files to be digitised – including those of current fortnightly staff and honoraries.

The project would enable all current staff to have their complete employment history on an electronic file in TRIM since it became mandatory for any new staff commencing from 1 January 2010 to have an electronic only personnel file.  Previously, current staff employed at the University prior to 1 January 2010 had a hybrid file while post 1 January 2010 staff had an electronic only file.

Staff who had a hybrid file had part of their employment history electronically accessible in TRIM with their pre 1 January 2010 employment history on a hard copy file stored in HR in the Raymond Priestley Building.  This made it very difficult for HR staff to easily access the hard copy file as they are scattered across the Parkville campus and also off campus.  Digitising the files would make them accessible from desktops.

An external contractor was engaged to undertake the digitisation of the files and included the prepration of the files for digitisation (i.e. removing staples, paper clips, attaching non-A4 papers to A4 paper to feed through scanners etc).  The project commenced on 5 September and the digitisation of the hard copy files continued until the 22 December 2011.  An external IT contractor built a software tool to enable the quick uploading of the digitised personnelf file into TRIM.  The uploading of the digitised files into TRIM continued until February 2012, with the majority in TRIM by December 2011.

A total of 9765 hard copy personnel files were digitised and 1568 boxes of hard copy personnel files were sent to offsite storage.