VCA/MCM Records Disposal Project

Towards the end of 2011, the then Faculty of VCA and Music (VCAM) sought assistance with disposal from Records Services.  The Faculty needed to move from a building they had been using as a secondary store.  Over many years, parts of the Faculty had moved boxes of records and other objects from several areas into one space because of building renovations.

Initially Records Services staff conducted a survey of the records to identify the types of records held and the work units within VCAM responsible for management of those records.  The records that were identifiable as belonging to particular work units were appraised by those areas with assistance and advice from Records Services.  229 boxes of records were identified as able to be destroyed immediately.  These were taken offsite for destruction by the University's secure destruction providers.  These records covered four areas - Human Resources, Finance, External Relations and Student Administration, with another significant number coming from what had at one point been the VCA Central Registry.

Temporary records not yet due for destruction were placed in boxes, listed and retained by VCAM until due for destruction.  Permanent records were also boxed and listed and then transferred to Records Services.  The records that were not identifiably owned by a current work unit at VCA were appraised by Records Services staff.  The same process of boxing, listing, destruction or transfer was carried out on these records.

The permanent records that have been transferred to Records Services will be catalogued and sent to the University Archives for permanent preservation.  A number of significant records relating to the foundation of VCAM were identified during this project and will now be preserved for historical research.

Although the project took over 12 months to address all aspects, it has resulted in:

  • Space saving (and cost reduction)
  • Reduction of privacy breach risk from retaining personal information longer than required
  • Adequate standard records storage
  • Identification of historically significant records