What is a University Record?

"University record means recorded information, in any format (eg electronic, paper, image) created or received by staff of the University in the course of conducting their University duties." Records Management Policy (MPF1106)

What is a University Record in practice?

A University record is evidence of work activity, capturing decisions made and actions taken, which exist in any formats (paper and digital information/data).

Examples of records

  • Policies/processes
  • Business unit planning documents
  • Internal/external advice and reports
  • Interactions between staff and students
  • Research reports and data
  • Legal agreements
  • Authorisations and approvals
  • Individual notes that inform high-level decision-making

Examples of record formats

  • Hard copy/paper
  • Emails
  • Electronic/digital documents (e.g. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets)
  • Internal & external websites, including social media
  • Business applications & systems, including audit logs & data files

Case Study - Research Grants & Contracts

Kathryn, Contracts Officer

In the day-to-day business of my role, I create and receive a number of different types of records. I refer to our team administration documents to see what work I've been assigned. I manage email correspondence which includes applications and approvals for contracts to be executed, Budget Forms and general advice - those that capture the context of decisions made, I store in Content Manager. I also manage the contracts themselves from drafting to execution in Content Manager, sending any hard copy originals to Records & Information for storage.


What are examples of non-University records?

  • Emails between team members making plans for lunch
  • Marketing received from vendors
  • Professional association subscriptions
  • Publicly available information, e.g. copies of legislation

Are drafts and reference material a University record?

Yes. While drafts, transitory messages of short term value, rough notes and copies of material used only for reference may only need to be kept for a very short time, they are still created in the course of conducting University business and are therefore records.

GUIDE: Keeping & Destroying Records

More Information

Records Management Policy (MPF1106)

The University of Melbourne policy implemented to "facilitate legislative compliance and effective business practice and "protect University information assets as evidence of current practice and for future research".

Public Records Act 1973 (Vic)

The legislation which sets the specific requirements for effective management of public records, and provides the governing framework for Public Record Office Victoria and the Keeper of Public Records, and in turn the University as a public office.

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) Standards & Policies

Further information, resources and tools for Victorian public agencies and staff.

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