Records Management Network - August

Dulcie Hollyock Room, Ground Floor, Baillieu Library

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T: 834 43534

The Records Management Network (RMN) is a community of practice that attracts people from around the university who either have a role or an interest in records and information management. The group meets several times each year to discuss records and related topics such as privacy, disaster preparedness, information management and best practice methodology.

Please book to confirm place and ensure your attendance contributes towards your professional development.


Welcome & Update on Records Services Projects
Lucy Davies, Manager, Records Services, Information Governance, Legal & Risk

Freedom of Information and University information
Raffaella Di Maio, Privacy and Freedom of Information Coordinator &
Mary Oppy, Education and Training Coordinator, Legal & Risk

Networking/Morning Tea
Exchange information with colleagues, build your community of practice, Records staff available for Q&A

Improved Recordkeeping Project Update
Narelle Moorhouse, Organisational Change & Communications Manager, Improved Recordkeeping Project, Project Services

HPE Content Manager: capturing emails just got easier
Fiona McRostie, Records Analyst (Systems), Information Governance, Legal & Risk

Thank you and notice for the next meeting
Lucy Davies, Manager, Records Services, Information Governance, Legal & Risk