HPE Content Manager

What is HPE Content Manager?

HPE Content Manager is the University's official recordkeeping system for managing documents and records regardless of format. HPE Content Manager (TRIM) was first introduced at the University of Melbourne in 1994 and is supported as an enterprise application.

Who can use HPE Content Manager?

HPE Content Manager  is available to all University departments who want to manage their records, regardless of format (paper, electronic or both), in an electronic system. Implementing HPE Content Manager can support transition to working fully electronically.  HPE Content Manager can be integrated with business applications to facilitate automated processes such as the Themis HR to HPE Content Manager integration.

A project is currently underway (the Improved Recordkeeping project) to increase records management compliance across the University.  Part of the technological solution for this project is increasing the current deployment of HPE Content Manager.

A list of business units that currently use HPE Content Manager is available here, including the most recent clients to whom HPE Content Manager has been deployed as part of the Improved Recordkeeping Project.

Why should I use HPE Content Manager?

HPE Content Manager  supports more efficient business and compliance with recordkeeping obligations. HPE CM is designed to be secure and simple to use. You can gain many benefits from using HPE Content Manager:

  • Spend less time locating and retrieving information from multiple sources such as shared drive folders
  • Rely on a single authoritative source for university records
  • Share information easily with colleagues where appropriate
  • Reduce duplication and save storage space in the office or on your systems
  • Save paper and printing costs by managing documents in digital form
  • Have a safe and secure environment for records - HPE Content Manager has audit trails, is backed up and has disaster recovery plans
  • Easily find previous revisions of documents
  • Save Outlook emails and MS Office documents directly into HPE Content Manager through in built integration
  • Manage many file types in the one place, e.g. html files, xml files, jpg, gif, tif, pdf, mpg, mp3.

Is there HPE Content Manager training available?

Records Services conducts specialised forms of HPE Content  Manager  training depending on clients' requirements. Staff are required to complete HPE Content Manager Training prior to using the system. Information on HPE Content Manager training is available here.

Where do I request access to HPE Content Manager?

In order to gain access to HPE Content Manager, all clients must first complete and submit the online access form via SeviceNow  https://unimelb.service-now.com/legal

Where can I get more information about HPE Content Manager?

If you would like more information about using HPE Content Manager  or assistance with records and/or recordkeeping needs please contact Records  records-services@unimelb.edu.au.

How do I Install HPE Content Manager Software?

You can install HPE Content Manager from the Software Center on your desktop.  Installation instructions are below.

Note: Close all  applications prior to running this install.

1. Click the Start Button at the bottom left hand of the computer (Windows 7). Windows 10 click on the Search Windows Icon.

2. Begin typing software center into the start menu.

  • Note: As soon as you begin typing, Windows will begin the search function

3. Click Software Center when it shows up under programs.

  • The Software Center will open.
  • A list of available software will be presented on the Available Software tab.

4. SelectHPE Content Manager 9.1 (HP Records Manager)” by checking the box or highlighting the software, then click Install 

*A window will appear asking to close all applications and will give 900 seconds before the installation begins – you can bypass the waiting time by clicking “OK”

  • Once the installation starts, you will see various applications opening (e.g. Word etc) and closing during this process. Please allow this to run and don’t close any program that may open.
  • When the installation is complete a message will appear indicating that the computer will restart in less than a minute. After the computer restarts “HPE Content Manager” will be available in the Start Menu.

If you experience any difficulties please raise a support request on ServiceNow https://unimelb.service-now.com/it